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Dental Services in Wenatchee

Busk Family Dentistry has dental services for your entire household!

Quality, affordable dental services shouldn’t be hard to come by, which is why the husband-and-wife dental team of Busk Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing comfortable, personal care to Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, and the surrounding Washington communities. Dr. Janie Busk and Dr. Ryan Busk offer a comprehensive variety of services to fully repair and maintain the health and vibrance of your entire families smiles. Call today to schedule an appointment at Busk Family Dentistry or feel free to drop by any time for a short tour of our office and introduction to our Doctors and team.

Dental Services at Busk Family Dentistry

Drs. Busk and Busk believe that true oral health is achieved each and every day with great home care habits. They see their patients at least twice a year for routine checkups and hygiene appointments to keep oral health optimized. These checkups give the Busk Family Dentistry team a chance to check for any signs of decay or other problems that may arise. We’ll also review your home care habits and provide education and tips about at-home dental care to refresh your memory.

Children’s dentistry services are a source of constant joy for our practice of dentistry. Being parents ourselves, we love meeting children and teaching them and their parents to care for their developing teeth and mouths. Children should see the dentist as soon as the first teeth begin to erupt to ensure that there are no dental abnormalities that need to be addressed, and to make sure that common causes of early childhood cavities are avoided. If you are a first time parent, we will take the opportunity to educate you about your child’s teeth and how best to care for them We will explain the precious gift of a cavity free mouth that you can give your child and take time to answer any questions you may have. If this isn’t your first rodeo, we will still spend the appointment refreshing your memory on the finer points of brushing an infants teeth and tips to ensure that your child’s siblings aren’t sharing cavity causing bacteria with the new member of your family.

Cosmetic dentistry services are available for patients who would like to enhance their existing smile. We know that certain foods like dark chocolate, coffee, tea, and red wine darken and stain teeth over time. The Drs. Busk recommend teeth whitening services to any patient who wants to achieve a more youthful, vibrant smile. Several options are available in our practice to quickly and affordably brighten enamel and lift stains. We offer the Zoom Whitening system for patients who want a brilliant, white smile, but don’t want to wait the 2 weeks that traditional take home whitening takes to show results. We also offer Ultradent take home whitening trays, or highly affordable Tres White trayless whitening kits.

For patients concerned with the appearance of their smile, we can prescribe porcelain veneers to conceal teeth that are chipped or cracked, or even to create a completely new smile of beautiful, lifelike porcelain teeth. For adults who want to correct minor alignment issues, but want to avoid braces, we can use Invisalign clear aligners to gently shift your teeth into place.

Busk Family Dentistry has an array of restorative dentistry options to help our Wenatchee patients rebuild their bites. Our crown and bridge services permanently replace one to three teeth, and dental implants provide lifelong tooth replacements for patients with strong bone density. We can also custom fit complete or partial dentures to affordably rejuvenate your smile and restore you chewing function.

Contact us to schedule an appointment at Busk Family Dentistry for any of our dental services. Dr. Janie Busk and Dr. Ryan Busk treat patients from Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Cashmere, Quincy, Peshastin, Orondo, Entiat, Leavenworth, and nearby Washington towns. If this will be your first appointment with us, please take a moment to review our new patient page, which lists helpful information for those unfamiliar with our practice.