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Restorative Dentistry in Wenatchee

Heal your smile with restorative dentistry from Busk Family Dentistry!

At Busk Family Dentistry, we know that seeing the dentist when you are worried about your teeth can be an emotionally trying time. That’s why Drs. Janie and Ryan Busk work compassionately to help you feel confident and in control of your dental treatment with gentle and affordable dentistry.

Good health can be yours when you visit your restorative dentist in Wenatchee. Contact our office or give us a call at (509) 662-8156. We look forward to informing you of your options so that, when you’re ready, you can smile again in good health and comfort. 

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry works to solve a wide range of dental concerns to positively impact both dental and overall health. The average person no longer has to feel the discomfort of a toothache, cavity, root canal, or struggle with tooth loss. Discovering comfort and functionality again can be as simple as a single visit to the dentist. 

Replacing Missing Teeth

Patients who have lost one or more teeth and would like to regain their health and functionality should speak our team about receiving a dental implant, crown and bridge or personalized denture. You may want to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth--we’ll help you find the best option for your unique dental needs. 

Dental Implants


Dental implants are becoming known as the #1 tooth replacement option by patients around the nation due to their long lasting results that look and feel most closely to a natural tooth root. A dental implant is also the only form of tooth replacement to integrate into the jaw, reducing risks of rapid bone loss after losing a tooth--and they won’t need to be regularly taken out for cleaning. 

Dental Crown And Bridge Therapy

A fixed bridge can replace one or a few missing teeth. This custom-made dental restoration is attached to the existing teeth in a patient’s smile using color-matched dental crowns. When completed, crown and bridge therapy encourages the abilities to chew, drink, and speak with ease. These forms of restorative dentistry require stable jaw strength, so contact Busk Family Dentistry to learn if you qualify for these techniques.

Full And Partial Dentures

With today’s dental technology, it’s now possible to make accurately-fitting prosthetics to replace teeth, rather than settling for one-size-fits-all forms of restorative dentistry. If you are missing several teeth or more, we can measure you for customized dentures or a partial denture to replenish your smile. This is a comfortable, removable option for patients who wish to opt for a more conservative restorative dentistry procedure.

Periodontal Care for Gum Disease

If you experience any signs of tooth sensitivity, reddened gums or gums that bleed after flossing, schedule an appointment with us for professional care to support your health and smile. These are early indicators of gingivitis, or gum disease. If left untreated it is known to develop into periodontitis, a painful condition that can result in tooth loss of one or more teeth. 

Family and Pediatric Dentistry in Washington

Drs. Janie and Ryan Busk see patients big and small from all over Washington for restorative service, including those from Wenatchee, Peshastin, Quincy, Cashmere, and the surrounding towns. Contact us today (509) 662-8156 to schedule an appointment at Busk Family Dentistry

If this is going to be your first appointment with us, know that we are thrilled to welcome you! Our team will spend as much time as necessary with you to help you select your ideal form of dental care, so you can achieve a healthy smile to enjoy for years to come.