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Meet Our Wenatchee Dental Team

Sue, Front Office Manager

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Position: Front Office Manager

With Busk Family Dentistry: Sue started with the practice in 1993

Favorite thing about working for Busk Family Dentistry: “The application and expression of teamwork to meet the dental needs of our patients.” Sue also loves the “professional, friendly atmosphere” in the practice.

Minnesota girl moves West: Sue has lived in Wenatchee since 1982. After visiting Wenatchee on her honeymoon, the dream to move here became a reality when she and her husband relocated to the Wenatchee Valley. She was born and raised in Fridley, Minnesota. She worked for the Pillsbury Company after college, using her biology degree in their quality control labs in Minneapolis and Kansas City. Sue’s parents were born and raised in Minnesota, and her best childhood memories are of time spent at the family cabin in Emily, Minnesota. Go Vikings!!!

Why is your position perfect for you: Sue loves that dentistry is always changing, never stagnant. It keeps her on her toes and always gives her something new to learn. She also loves to meet new patients and welcome our existing patients into the practice. She says she learns something new from our patients every day.

Penchant for all things culinary: Sue loves to cook, she ran her own catering service for many years. If you have a good recipe, Sue would like know about it. If you aren’t sure what you’re having for dinner, Sue is your source for menu ideas.

Wanderlust: When she’s not keeping the front office humming at Busk Family Dentistry, Sue enjoys traveling around the Pacific Northwest. She loves that there is so much beauty and diversity, from ocean to forest to desert, we have a little bit of everything close at hand. Sue loves to show our beautiful state off to visiting friends and family.

Leslie, Receptionist

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Position: Receptionist

Tami, Dental Hygienist

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Position: Dental Hygienist

With Busk Family Dentistry: Tami has been with the practice since 1997.

Hometown Girl: Tami was born and raised in Wenatchee, and after high school attended Eastern Washington University to earn a B.S. in dental hygiene. She and her husband, Tom, raised their two children here and love everything the valley has to offer. In their spare time she and her family enjoy RV camping with friends, hiking, snow shoeing, and being outdoors.

Understanding the body-mouth connection: As a hygienist Tami’s purpose is to treat, educate and encourage her patients. One of the most rewarding parts of her job is being able to help patients develop an understanding about the links between the body-mouth connections to help improve not only gingival health, but systemic health as well. Research shows that poor gingival health is directly connected in many health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight babies, some cancers and even links to dementia. The eyes may be the window to the soul but your mouth is the window to your health.

Healthy Smiles Healthy Family: Tami loves the patients and how much each of them feels like family. We appreciate her so much for the gentle care she provides, and for the thoroughness of her work. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hygiene tips and tricks to keep teeth and gum tissue at their best.

Why is your position perfect for you: “I really enjoy getting to know my patients, and helping them achieve a healthy smile that they are happy to share with others!”

Cecy, Dental Hygienist

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Position: Dental Hygienist

Born and Raised in the Valley: Cecy was born and grew up in Cashmere. She graduated from Cashmere high and completed her dental hygiene training at Yakima Valley College. She is excited to be back home and practicing dental hygiene here in our beautiful valley!

What Cecy loves most about working at Busk Family Dentistry: It is a tie between the fun atmosphere and the emphasis on putting patients first! “It really is all about the patient, putting their needs and wants above everything else, and having a good time while we work! The Busk’s are also really easy to work with and we are always learning new things and enhancing our ability to care for patients!”

What makes you a perfect fit for your job?I love teeth! They fascinate me! I also love people and getting to know my patients. Being able to help people be healthier just by educating them on great oral hygiene practices is super rewarding!

Habla Espanol! Cecy grew up in a household where Spanish was the primary language, it has been a dream of hers to be able to help Spanish speaking patients improve their oral health. She knows that many Spanish speaking patients are uncomfortable speaking English and hesitate to go to the dentist fearing that they may not completely understand what their care provider is telling them.

What keeps her busy outside the office: Cecy likes to play tennis, hike, and craft. Her biggest hobby outside the practice is eating. What is her favorite food you ask? It is Pupusa, a traditional Salvadoran dish. She also loves spending time with her small family. She has 1 brother, and one fluffy (dog fluffy, not cat fluffy!)

Vacation of a Lifetime: Cecy would love one day to travel down under to Australia. While there, she would like to cross ‘hug a Koala Bear’ off of her bucket list!

Lori, Dental Assistant

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Position: Dental Assistant

With Busk Family Dentistry: Lori has been with the practice since 2003. She has been in Dentistry since 1978.

Favorite thing about working for Busk Family Dentistry: Lori loves that everyday is an adventure. Being the only dental assistant at our office she is a busy bee, constantly on her toes working in sterilization or chair side with the doctors. Luckily her energetic personality is perfectly suited to take on the challenge, and her upbeat personality is contagious for the rest of us as well.

Washington girl: Lori was born and raised in Des Moines. She worked in Orthodontics for ten years in the Des Moines area. She and her family built a home in the Chelan area in 1991 and have been here ever since. She loves NCW with all of its seasonal beauty.

Family tree: Lori loves getting to know our patients, and after having worked in the practice for so many years, can honestly say that many of them are like family. She is proud to know them all so well. She takes great pride in helping them maintain their oral health, and restoring their beautiful smiles. Lori feels the most important thing to our practice is the patients. They are the backbone of our office and their oral health is our first priority.

What makes you the perfect fit for you job: Lori loves meeting new people, interacting with patients, and playing a hands on role in restoring smiles. The best part of her job is seeing someone who came to the office feeling self conscious about their teeth smiling from ear to ear when their smile is restored.

Something most people don’t know about Lori: Lori and her husband owned a wine shop for many years. Her favorite vino is a 1980 Catherine Kennedy Cab. She is also waiting to open her second bottle of 1845 Madera!

Free Time: When Lori isn’t busy crafting temporary crowns and pouring impressions, she loves to ski, fish, hike this beautiful valley, garden, sew, crochet, and spend time with her family, especially her new grandson!

Heather, Dental Assistant

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Position: Dental Assistant

Julieta, Dental Assistant

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Position: Dental Assistant

Dental Beginnings: Julieta has been working in the dental field for twelve years. She started as sterilization technician during her Junior year of high school for Dr. Larry Vance in Cashmere, working part time after school. Dr.Larry turned out to be a wonderful mentor, and she was such a perfect fit for the job that during her Senior year she did early release to be in the office helping out even more. And after she graduated from Cashmere High School she started full time going from sterilization technician to chair side assistant. We cannot thank Dr.Vance enough for passing along such a highly skilled and energetic member for our team after he retired!

Helping Patients is the best: Julieta says her favorite thing about her job is the interaction with our patients, and knowing that we are helping them be healthier. Our favorite part about having Julieta on the team is her warm and caring demeanor that instantly puts patients at ease, and the meticulous attention to detail that she puts into everything she does.

Mexico and Cashmere Roots: Julieta was born in Mexico, and moved with her family to the Wenatchee Valley when she was ten years old. She has been living in Cashmere for almost eighteen years and loves it there.

Family Values: Julieta says her very favorite thing outside work is her family, and spending quality time with her husband Jesus and her two boys Ivan and Jaden is what keeps her happy. Her parents and siblings are also a high priority to her. She loves planning weekend meals, especially on Sundays, and enjoys the preparation that goes into eating together. She says, “We love to get together to eat Carne Asada and what ever we feel like eating. Free time from work means family time!!”