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Wenatchee Family Dentistry

We are proud to offer dentistry for the entire family. As parents, we see great value in parents and children both experiencing the same dental care.  We believe that kids gain comfort and confidence from seeing their mom and dad go to the dentist just like they do. Parents are the most important teachers of oral hygiene that a child can have. As dental professionals, we pass on tools and information to you and your children about how to maintain outstanding oral health.  We enjoy having fun demonstrating tricks and tips to help kids achieve healthy, cavity free mouths.  Parents are the people kids watch and emulate when it comes to everything they do, and brushing is one of those things. Children are more likely to be enthusiastic and cooperative brushers if they have good role models. The same is true for dental treatment and exams. This is why we encourage parents of younger patients to come in for treatment together! We love to have children watch older siblings or their parents visit the dentist so that they know what to expect when it is their turn.  We love to have an audience of young faces here in the office, and welcome parents to have their kids tag along to their appointments to get the feel of our office and get comfortable with us.

family dentist in WenatcheeAn important part of life long oral health is establishing and keeping a dental home. A child’s first dental visit should be when their first teeth erupt into the mouth (usually between 6 and 9 months old). By seeing a family dentist at this young age, your child is establishing a relationship with their dentist and the dental team that they can keep through their teenage years and possibly into adulthood. It also gives us the opportunity to focus on education and prevention, so that hopefully they will come to the dentist for regular check ups, never getting cavities or needing fillings at all! What a wonderful gift to give your child…a lifetime of perfect teeth and great oral health!

A person's a person, no matter how small- Dr. Seuss

At the first visit we will give you and your child a tour of the office, let them explore an operatory, and possibly give you a ride in the chair to see how it works! Once they are comfortable, they can have a turn. We love seeing kids at Busk Family Dentistry, and most importantly, we love to see your kids smile! We go out of our way to make sure every dental experience is a positive one, never denying any child’s feelings of fear or anxiety.  Instead, we try to find creative ways to gain trust and transform those feelings into positive dental experiences.

family dentistryAs parents ourselves, we value the trust you place in us, and treat every child as we would our own. You are always welcome to be present for all of your child’s dental treatment.  We believe the dentist can and should be a fun, completely non-threatening place for kids to come to learn about their teeth and how to keep them healthy. If it becomes something they dread, we have failed as clinicians. We hold ourselves to very high standards when it comes to all of our patients, especially kids, because it is so important that they establish a positive association with the dentist at an early age that they can carry forward with them as adults.