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May 15, 2018

Get The Scoop On Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options At Busk Family Dentistry!

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Cosmetic dentistry is a great investment. Restoring your smile is always worth the price, and today there are more options than ever for cosmetic dentistry, especially at Busk Family Dentistry.

But these options can make it hard to know what’s right for you. Should you get veneers? Do you need a porcelain crown? What about bonding and shaping?

In this blog, we’ll go over the basics of our most popular cosmetic procedures and discuss which ones might be right for you.

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a great way to get a brighter smile on a budget. You can remove surface stains from smoking or restore teeth that have become yellowed due to age. With just a single appointment at our offices, or with take-home whitening trays, you can restore your smile without overspending.

2. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are usually used for cosmetic dentistry issues such as chipped or misshapen teeth. They can also be used to treat teeth that are stained on the inside from antibiotics like tetracycline or fillings.

Veneers can also be used to correct slightly crooked or gapped teeth, though more serious cases may require orthodontic treatment.

3. Bonding And Shaping

Bonding and shaping uses advanced dental resin to add to the structure of your existing teeth, or reshape the teeth. Bonding and shaping are great options if issues are minor, and you don’t want to invest in porcelain veneers.

4. Invisalign

Invisalign is the best choice for fast orthodontic correction. If your teeth are crooked but you do not have major bite issues or other orthodontic problems, Invisalign can give you the smile of your dreams in about a year, depending on your case. Best of all, Invisalign is subtle, and can be worn without anyone knowing that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

5. Dental Implants, Bridges, And Dentures

Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are technically restorative procedures, but they’re also cosmetic, as they improve the appearance of your smile.

A dental implant is usually the best way to replace a missing tooth, but dentures and dental bridges may be appropriate for some patients who are missing multiple teeth or who cannot afford a dental implant.

6. Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are a great way to restore damaged teeth. If you have a cracked tooth from an accident, for example, a porcelain crown can cover it up and provide a totally natural appearance.

You can also use porcelain crowns to replace older dental crowns made of steel or gold, giving you a more natural and beautiful smile.

Still not Sure What Treatment You Need? See Dr. Ryan Busk Today!

Sometimes combining treatments is necessary to achieve your smile goals. If you’re uncertain about which are right for you, don’t worry. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Busk.

Dr. Busk is an expert at cosmetic dentistry procedures, including teeth whitening and porcelain veneers in Wenatchee. He’ll discuss your smile goals with you, and help create a customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. Call now at (509) 662-8156, or visit our office near Leavenworth at 222 N. Mission Street, Ste D, Wenatchee, WA 98801 for an appointment today.

March 30, 2018

Missing A Tooth? Here’s What You Can Do!

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If you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident, periodontal disease or tooth decay, you may be wondering what your options are for replacing it. A missing tooth can affect your self-esteem and appearance, as well as your oral health. That’s why it’s so important to replace your tooth as soon as possible. But what’s the best way to do so? You have quite a few options at Busk Family Dentistry, including dental bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants. Here’s what we recommend!

Dental Implants – The Best Way To Permanently Replace A Missing Tooth

If you are missing a tooth, a dental implant is the best way to permanently replace it and restore your smile.

Dental implants consist of two primary elements: the post and the crown. The post is made of titanium or zirconium, and implanted directly into your gum and jaw tissue, functioning as an artificial root.

Once your mouth has healed, a dental crown is attached to the post with an abutment, resulting in a permanent tooth restoration. The crown is created to mimic your original tooth, giving you a natural look and feel.

Because dental implants are comfortable and permanent, Dr. Ryan Busk highly recommends them for most patients with a single missing tooth.

Are Dental Implants Worth The Price?

Yes. Dental implants usually cost quite a bit more than a partial denture or a dental bridge, but they have a number of benefits that make them worth the investment.

  • Completely permanent – If you take proper care of your mouth and visit Dr. Busk for regular 6-month cleanings, your dental implant will likely last you for the rest of your life.
  • Natural look and feel – Dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
  • Requires no special care – Unlike bridges and dentures, implants require no special treatment. Just brush and floss normally. That’s it!

If you’re missing more than just a few teeth, dental implants may not be a viable option. Depending on your situation, Dr. Busk may recommend a dental bridge or denture to get your smile back in shape.

Do I Really Need To Replace My Missing Tooth?

Yes. Even if your missing tooth is not visible, a molar for example, there are serious consequences if you do not replace it.

As soon as you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will start to shift into the empty space left behind. This can cause your teeth to become crooked and misaligned. Teeth shifting can even cause bite problems, in some cases.

Schedule An Appointment For East Wenatchee Dental Implants Today!

Dr. Ryan Busk is an experienced implant dentist serving Wenatchee and Leavenworth. At Busk Family Dentistry, you will get the very best care for your missing tooth.

Not sure if a dental implant is right for you? Come in for an appointment with Dr. Busk today. He will discuss all your options for tooth replacement, giving you the information you need to make a choice that’s right for you. Contact us at (509) 662-8156 to schedule your appointment, or feel free to come by our office at 222 N Mission St Suite D, Wenatchee, Washington 98801.

January 5, 2018

New Year, New You: There’s No Time Like The Present For Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments!

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Now that you’ve celebrated, it’s time to get started on your New Year’s resolutions, and think about how you can improve your life and your well-being in 2018! Cosmetic dentistry is a fantastic way to invest in yourself. A brighter, straighter smile can help boost your confidence, giving you the push you need for a fantastic year. And Busk Family Dentistry in East Wenatchee has the cosmetic dentistry options that can keep you looking your best.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Ryan Busk is a leading Leavenworth cosmetic dentist who specializes in teeth whitening. Using advanced peroxide-based whiteners, Dr. Busk can remove surface stains, leaving your teeth shiny and sparkling.

Whether you’ve over-indulged in wine and coffee, or are quitting tobacco as a New Year’s resolution, you can get a brighter smile in just a single appointment with our Leavenworth teeth whitening services!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are ideal for filling in gaps between teeth, correcting minor bite issues, and covering up stains or yellowing. Porcelain veneers are built out of wafer-thin ceramic materials, and are attached permanently to your teeth in order to cover up imperfections. They’re a permanent solution that gives you a beautiful, perfect smile.

Dental Bonding And Shaping

Did you chip a tooth while playing games during the holidays? Got a few teeth that need to be reshaped? Dental bonding and shaping is a fantastic way to restore misshapen teeth without the high price tag of porcelain veneers or crowns.

Using advanced dental resin, Dr. Ryan Busk will place additional material on your teeth, and shape them to be more aesthetically pleasing. Non-invasive, affordable, and long-lasting, dental bonding and shaping is a great way to get the smile you’ve always wanted in the new year.


If you need orthodontic treatment, but do not want traditional metal braces, Invisalign from Dr. Ryan Busk of Busk Family Dentistry may be right for you.

Rather than using brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners, which look similar to a retainer. These aligners are shaped to gently shift teeth over time, providing the same results as braces without requiring unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces.

Best of all, Invisalign is nearly invisible and removable. You won’t be limited in the activites you’re able to participate in or the foods you’ll be able to eat.

If your resolution is to finally fix a crooked smile, Invisalign is the best choice for you! Come in for a consultation right away, and see if you’re a good candidate for treatment.

Get The Smile You Want In The New Year – With Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services!

Dr. Busk is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Leavenworth. With a dedication to patient-focused care and an informative approach to dentistry, Dr. Busk can help you get a smile makeover for a reasonable price!

Not sure which treatment is right for you? No problem. Contact Busk Family Dentistry today at (509) 662-8156, or come to our office at 222 North Mission Street, Suite D, Wenatchee, WA 98801, and we’ll set you up with a consultation!

December 21, 2017

A Smile As Bright As The Holidays: How Teeth Whitening Can Give You A Beautiful Smile!

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The holidays are coming up quickly, which makes it the perfect time to get teeth whitening treatments at Busk Family Dentistry. From Wenatchee to Leavenworth, our Zoom! teeth whitening services are some of the best! So come to our cosmetic dentistry practice today to look and feel your best this holiday season.

Holiday Teeth Whitening

Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened Before The Holidays!

Getting your teeth whitened before the winter holidays is a wonderful idea. Why?

  • You can boost your self-confidence – The holidays can be a time of stress for many of us. While visiting family and friends is a wonderful thing, the strain of constantly interacting with others can be tough. Teeth whitening can help you feel more secure, comfortable, and confident!
  • You’ll look great in photos that will be remembered for years to come – The holidays are a time when family members can come together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Given how popular smartphones are these days, chances are that you’re going to have a lot of pictures taken of you! Teeth whitening gives you that bright, gorgeous smile, helping you look your best as you make memories with the ones you love.
  • You’ll ring in the New Year as your best self – Why wait until after New Year’s to make a resolution for self-improvement? With teeth whitening, you can get a head start, and look great as you greet a new year that’s full of opportunities.

With teeth whitening from Busk Family Dentistry in East Wenatchee, you can impress loved ones and relatives, feel great, and look wonderful during the holidays!

We Offer At-Home And In-Office Teeth Whitening!

We know how stressful and busy the holidays are. While we offer fast, effective in-office teeth whitening, we also provide our patients with take-home whitening trays that offer equally astonishing results!

So whether you’d prefer to whiten your teeth in a single, 45-minute session with Dr. Ryan Busk, or you prefer to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home, Busk Family Dentistry has you covered.

Contact Us Today – Get Your Dream Smile Before The Holidays!

At our family-friendly, comfortable general dentistry practice, we pride ourselves on making all of our patients feel safe and cared for. So don’t wait to get your dream smile in time for the holidays! Contact Busk Family Dentistry today at (509) 662-8156, or visit our office in Wenatchee, located at 222 N Mission St Suite D, Wenatchee WA, 98801.

November 21, 2017

Watch Out For The Wishbone! How To Protect Your Teeth During The Holidays

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The holiday season is fast approaching. From Halloween through New Year’s, you (and your kids) will probably be eating more foods that taste amazing but can pose a risk to your oral health.

With proper oral hygiene and tooth cleaning tips, you can avoid cavities and other oral health issues, and still enjoy everything that the holiday season has to offer!

At Busk Family Dentistry, your leading local children’s dentist, we’ve put together a list of ways you can protect your teeth during the holidays!

Holiday dental emergencies

1. Eat Sweets In Moderation – And Quickly!

Whether you’re munching on Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pie, or Christmas cookies, it’s important to eat them quickly, and in moderation.

The main problem with sweet treats during the holidays is that we tend to “graze” on them during the day.

When you consume small amounts of sweets throughout the day, you’re constantly feeding the bacteria that live in your mouth with sugar. This leads to a much higher risk of tooth decay.

It’s best to eat sweets alongside other meals, and to limit yourself to a short time window. This helps mitigate the effect that sugar has on your oral health.

2. Brush After Every Meal

During the holidays, you should try to brush your teeth after every meal. Because you’ll likely be snacking throughout the day, it’s important to keep a regular tooth cleaning schedule to minimize bacteria buildup.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Kids

In Wenatchee and across America, cavities are very common in kids after the holidays. The combination of sugary foods, traveling, and interrupted daily routines can lead to serious tooth decay.

To avoid this, you should monitor the food intake of your children and ensure that they are brushing properly to remove bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

4. Watch Out For Those Sticky (Or Hard) Treats!

Sticky candies like licorice or taffy can be very dangerous for those of us with dental work like fillings or crowns.

They can adhere to dental work and pull it out, leading to an emergency dental situation during the holidays. If you have a lot of dental work such as crowns, fillings, or bridges, avoid these treats during the holidays.

You should also be careful when eating very hard food items like hard candy. Hard candy can crack your teeth, which may require a visit to an emergency dentist, like Busk Family Dentistry.

Got A Dental Issue During The Holidays? Come To Busk Family Dentistry!

We know it can be hard to get dental services in Wenatchee during the holidays. But at our family dental practice, Dr. Ryan Busk is always willing to treat all of your dental issues. From general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative treatments, we do it all, even during the holidays!

Whether a piece of candy has pulled out one of your fillings, or you think your child may have cavities due to holiday eating habits, contact us today. You can call us at (509) 662-8156, or visit our Wenatchee office at 222 N Mission St Suite D, Wenatchee, Washington, 98801.

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