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April 17, 2018

The Top 4 Reasons You Need To Find A Dental Home For Your Family

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Looking for a family dentist near you? Busk Family Dentistry is a great choice! We offer family dentistry in a friendly environment for patients in Leavenworth, and we always have your best interest at heart. Our practice, which focuses on preventive dentistry in Wenatchee, is the ideal dental home for you and your entire family!

Dental Exam Room

At Busk Family Dentistry, we would feel honored to be a part of your family’s journey to optimal dental health. Here are a few ways you’ll benefit from visiting us regularly and getting to know us a little better:

1. Seeing The Same Dentist Helps You Stay On Top Of Your Oral Health

Shuffling around between different dentists every time you need a checkup or a filling means that you won’t be able to develop a truly holistic understanding of your oral health. When transferring between dentists, valuable information about your oral health can be lost.

In contrast, choosing a single practice for family dentistry in Wenatchee will ensure that your dental health is tracked and monitored closely. We specialize in preventive dentistry because we understand that regular visits can save you money by helping you avoid costly restorative procedures – like root canals – down the road.

2. Your Kids Can Become Familiar With The Dentist – And Won’t Be Afraid

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, especially if you regularly visit a family dentist from an early age.

If you take your child to the same dentist for all of their appointments, the process will feel more safe, comfortable, and familiar. Dr. Ryan Busk is an experienced children’s dentist. He specializes in making dentistry fun and exciting for kids, ensuring that they are totally comfortable during their appointments.

3. You’ll Feel More Comfortable At The Dentist

When you build a relationship with your dentist, you will feel more comfortable visiting the office. You’ll be able to feel confident that your dentist has your best interest at heart, and is able to provide the right advice for your specific situation.

This is especially important if you ever undergo oral surgery. This might be needed for certain types of extractions or the placement of dental implants. Knowing that you can trust your dentist to give you great service will give you peace of mind.

4. You Can Get Emergency Care When You Need It

It can be hard to get an emergency appointment if you don’t have a dental home. While many practices offer emergency dentistry during off-hours or on weekends, you may have a hard time getting squeezed in, especially if current patients also need care.

But when you build a relationship with a dentist, you’ll be able to get emergency care when you need it most. Build a strong relationship with your dentist to keep you and your family in great health.

Find Your New Dental Home Today – At Busk Family Dentistry!

Dr. Ryan Busk is an honest, friendly dentist in East Wenatchee. At Busk Family Dentistry, we’re proud to be the dental home of hundreds of patients in the area, and we want you to join us!

Contact us at (509) 662-8156 to schedule an appointment today, and let us prove the quality of our service to you. You can also visit our office at 222 N Mission Street, STE D, Wenatchee, WA, 98801. We can’t wait to meet you and see you smile!

February 12, 2018

This Valentine’s Day, Experience An Eternal Bond: How Cosmetic Bonding Can Make You Fall In Love With Your Smile!

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Are you interested in making Valentine’s Day extra special? Have you been thinking about how you can finally get the smile of your dreams? You don’t have to wait any longer!

At Busk Family Dentistry, Dr. Ryan Busk can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. He is an experienced cosmetic dentist, specializing in Wenatchee dental bonding and shaping. With our expert services, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted this Valentine’s day.

Whether you want to look your best for that “special someone”, or you’re just looking to brighten your natural smile, keep reading to learn more.

What Is Dental Bonding And Contouring?

Dental bonding is an inexpensive, non-invasive method of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Ryan Busk will apply tooth-colored, dental resin to your existing teeth, building up the material to fill in gaps and chips. He will then shape it, creating a natural look that matches your existing teeth.

Using a specialized UV light, Dr. Busk will “cure” the resin. It will set, and become hard and durable, bonding permanently to the existing tooth structure.

Contouring is related to dental bonding only in that it is a technique used to reshape the tooth. Small amounts of enamel are removed from your teeth to achieve the desired shape.

Sometimes dental bonding and contouring can work together to provide you with a beautiful, natural smile.

A Better Smile Without Any Anesthetic – The Benefits Of Bonding And Contouring

One of the best things about dental bonding is that it is completely non-invasive. Unlike dental crowns and veneers, no tooth material has to be removed before treatment. This means that most bonding treatments can be performed with absolutely no anesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing!

Dental contouring is also most often performed without anesthetic, though numbing creams and local anesthetic can be used if you are nervous, or have dental anxiety.

Bonding and contouring is also very inexpensive, compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments. These procedures can be done in just a single appointment, and the procedure is totally non-invasive.

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day – Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

Dr. Ryan Busk is an expert at East Wenatchee cosmetic dentistry. He has years of experience treating patients with bonding and contouring, and he can help you get your best smile this Valentine’s Day!

Not sure that bonding and contouring from our Leavenworth cosmetic dentistry practice is right for you? Take a look at our other cosmetic dentistry options, such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, and veneers! We’d be glad to discuss which treatment is right for you.

Give us a call and schedule an appointment at (509) 662-8156, or come to our office in Wenatchee at 222 N Mission St d, Wenatchee, WA 98801.

December 21, 2017

A Smile As Bright As The Holidays: How Teeth Whitening Can Give You A Beautiful Smile!

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The holidays are coming up quickly, which makes it the perfect time to get teeth whitening treatments at Busk Family Dentistry. From Wenatchee to Leavenworth, our Zoom! teeth whitening services are some of the best! So come to our cosmetic dentistry practice today to look and feel your best this holiday season.

Holiday Teeth Whitening

Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened Before The Holidays!

Getting your teeth whitened before the winter holidays is a wonderful idea. Why?

  • You can boost your self-confidence – The holidays can be a time of stress for many of us. While visiting family and friends is a wonderful thing, the strain of constantly interacting with others can be tough. Teeth whitening can help you feel more secure, comfortable, and confident!
  • You’ll look great in photos that will be remembered for years to come – The holidays are a time when family members can come together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Given how popular smartphones are these days, chances are that you’re going to have a lot of pictures taken of you! Teeth whitening gives you that bright, gorgeous smile, helping you look your best as you make memories with the ones you love.
  • You’ll ring in the New Year as your best self – Why wait until after New Year’s to make a resolution for self-improvement? With teeth whitening, you can get a head start, and look great as you greet a new year that’s full of opportunities.

With teeth whitening from Busk Family Dentistry in East Wenatchee, you can impress loved ones and relatives, feel great, and look wonderful during the holidays!

We Offer At-Home And In-Office Teeth Whitening!

We know how stressful and busy the holidays are. While we offer fast, effective in-office teeth whitening, we also provide our patients with take-home whitening trays that offer equally astonishing results!

So whether you’d prefer to whiten your teeth in a single, 45-minute session with Dr. Ryan Busk, or you prefer to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home, Busk Family Dentistry has you covered.

Contact Us Today – Get Your Dream Smile Before The Holidays!

At our family-friendly, comfortable general dentistry practice, we pride ourselves on making all of our patients feel safe and cared for. So don’t wait to get your dream smile in time for the holidays! Contact Busk Family Dentistry today at (509) 662-8156, or visit our office in Wenatchee, located at 222 N Mission St Suite D, Wenatchee WA, 98801.

November 21, 2017

Watch Out For The Wishbone! How To Protect Your Teeth During The Holidays

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The holiday season is fast approaching. From Halloween through New Year’s, you (and your kids) will probably be eating more foods that taste amazing but can pose a risk to your oral health.

With proper oral hygiene and tooth cleaning tips, you can avoid cavities and other oral health issues, and still enjoy everything that the holiday season has to offer!

At Busk Family Dentistry, your leading local children’s dentist, we’ve put together a list of ways you can protect your teeth during the holidays!

Holiday dental emergencies

1. Eat Sweets In Moderation – And Quickly!

Whether you’re munching on Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pie, or Christmas cookies, it’s important to eat them quickly, and in moderation.

The main problem with sweet treats during the holidays is that we tend to “graze” on them during the day.

When you consume small amounts of sweets throughout the day, you’re constantly feeding the bacteria that live in your mouth with sugar. This leads to a much higher risk of tooth decay.

It’s best to eat sweets alongside other meals, and to limit yourself to a short time window. This helps mitigate the effect that sugar has on your oral health.

2. Brush After Every Meal

During the holidays, you should try to brush your teeth after every meal. Because you’ll likely be snacking throughout the day, it’s important to keep a regular tooth cleaning schedule to minimize bacteria buildup.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Kids

In Wenatchee and across America, cavities are very common in kids after the holidays. The combination of sugary foods, traveling, and interrupted daily routines can lead to serious tooth decay.

To avoid this, you should monitor the food intake of your children and ensure that they are brushing properly to remove bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

4. Watch Out For Those Sticky (Or Hard) Treats!

Sticky candies like licorice or taffy can be very dangerous for those of us with dental work like fillings or crowns.

They can adhere to dental work and pull it out, leading to an emergency dental situation during the holidays. If you have a lot of dental work such as crowns, fillings, or bridges, avoid these treats during the holidays.

You should also be careful when eating very hard food items like hard candy. Hard candy can crack your teeth, which may require a visit to an emergency dentist, like Busk Family Dentistry.

Got A Dental Issue During The Holidays? Come To Busk Family Dentistry!

We know it can be hard to get dental services in Wenatchee during the holidays. But at our family dental practice, Dr. Ryan Busk is always willing to treat all of your dental issues. From general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative treatments, we do it all, even during the holidays!

Whether a piece of candy has pulled out one of your fillings, or you think your child may have cavities due to holiday eating habits, contact us today. You can call us at (509) 662-8156, or visit our Wenatchee office at 222 N Mission St Suite D, Wenatchee, Washington, 98801.

September 23, 2017

Understanding Worn Anterior Dentition and How It Can Be Treated

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Our teeth do a lot for us, like helping us eat, bite, drink, speak, and more. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that, over time, teeth can become seriously worn.

Whether it’s because of a medical condition – like acid reflux or bruxism – or simply due to age, anterior teeth are especially likely to be worn down over time. Busk Family Dentistry explains the causes of worn anterior dentition to help you understand how this issue can be treated.

Defining Worn Anterior Dentition

Anterior dentition is just a fancy way of saying “front teeth.” It refers to the teeth in the front of the mouth, including the incisors and canine teeth. This is in contrast to posterior dentition, which includes the rear teeth like your molars.

Therefore, worn anterior dentition indicates that the front teeth have been worn down by force, chemical action, or another cause over time. If a large amount of enamel is missing from your front teeth, you may have worn anterior dentition.

Worn anterior dentition

The Causes of Worn Anterior Dentition

There are three primary causes of worn anterior dentition:

Erosive wear is usually caused by chemicals or acids in the mouth, which slowly erode the enamel over time. This is very common in patients with acid reflux disease because stomach acid can cause serious damage to anterior teeth. Issues like bulimia and over consumption of acidic beverages can also cause this condition.

Attrition wear is caused by teeth improperly contacting each other over time. Bruxism (teeth grinding) is the most common cause of attrition-based tooth damage, and it can result in serious damage to the teeth.

Abrasive wear is generally due to personal habits like brushing too hard, using abrasive toothpaste or toothbrushes with hard bristles, chewing tobacco, or biting the nails. Over time, abrasive forces wear away tooth enamel, leaving “V”-shaped, shiny tooth surfaces.

Treatment of Worn Anterior Dentition

Treatment of worn anterior dentition begins by understanding the cause of wear. For patients with erosive wear, lifestyle changes may be necessary, such as reducing the consumption of acidic beverages and fruits, or seeking help for medical issues like bulimia or GERD (acid reflux).

Attrition-based wear from bruxism is usually treated with a mouthguard or nightguard. Those with improper bites may require orthodontic correction.

Abrasive wear may also be treated with lifestyle changes, such as brushing less often, using non-abrasive toothpastes, and discontinuing unhealthy habits like chewing on non-food objects.

Regardless of the cause of worn anterior dentition, multiple restoration options are available. For mild cases, dental composites can be used. Made from high-quality resins, these dental composites can be shaped to attach to the worn tooth and restore the natural shape and function of the teeth. For more serious cases of worn anterior dentition, dental crowns are typically utilized to cover and restore the worn teeth.

Preventing Worn Anterior Dentition

The best way to prevent worn anterior dentition is by visiting the dentist regularly. Because worn dentition happens gradually, it’s often hard to recognize it until it’s too late, unless you’re consulting with a dental professional.

Dr. Ryan Busk can help you understand if you’re at risk of worn teeth and recommend appropriate next steps to prevent this condition from occurring, such as a mouthguard, if you have bruxism, or orthodontics that can help realign your bite and your jaw.

Avoid Wearing Down Your Teeth—Visit Busk Family Dentistry for a Checkup Today!

Whether you’re worried about worn-down teeth or you’re simply in need of a new family dentist in Leavenworth, Busk Family Dentistry is where you want to be!

Run by Dr. Ryan Busk and Dr. Janie Busk (of Cashmere Dentistry), Busk Family Dentistry is a full-service family dental care facility for both children and adults. At our warm, friendly office, Drs. Ryan and Janie Busk specialize in delivering knowledgeable, informative patient care.

Schedule an appointment today by giving us a call at (509) 662-8156, or visiting our office at 222 North Mission Street, Suite D, Wenatchee, WA, 98801!

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